¿Cómo funciona la hipnosis?

Cómo funciona la hipnosis, as such, is not any kind of Therapy. hipnosis clinica is a therapeutic tool that makes it easier for us to work from a different plane than the cognitive and censor plane that the conscious part of our brain has, it is in a state of hyper-consciousness where we can apply a type of therapy, protocol or treatment as it is in the case of addictions, phobias, fears, etc.

All people can be Hypnotized, the difference between one and the other is the susceptibility and speed with which we can reach this state, hypnotic trance work is basically an exercise in collaboration and acceptance.

Through Hypnosis we penetrate the patient’s non-conscious mind, where the hidden memories or traumas of our childhood are, that purely emotional part capable of getting excited before a romantic movie or scaring you before a horror movie, hence it is for us so easy to regulate emotional imbalances automatically and lastingly. The effectiveness of Hypnosis is fully proven to treat imbalances such as: Anxiety, depression, phobias, stress, insomnia, addictions, psychosomatic disorders, eating disorders, chronic pain.

The patient’s suggestion is increased by leaving the unconscious that controls the instinctive part, without the censorious barrier of the conscious, as long as the patient’s ethical code is not touched.

The conscious part of the brain, which is 12%, where reason and logic are housed, presents a censor Cortical barrier, this barrier is the one in charge of analyzing and evaluating what data passes to the unconscious part of the brain (88% remaining ). Through the technique of Hypnosis, the conscious can be made to believe that it is entering a sleep phase, since it is inhibited and the subconscious takes control. In this way, if we introduce information we could cross the censor cortical barrier, as long as said information does not go against the moral code of the patient, as we pointed out before.

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