¿Crisis Existencial?

In existential crisis An existential crisis can be triggered at any stage of our lives and many have felt it. Probably, it is due to that fear of change, and uncertainty, of failure. The fear of change is common in human beings , our mind wants to be in control of the next step, the next experience.⚡👀🕳️

In existential crisis We have set ourselves fundamental standards and goals that we must meet so as not to fail in life based on what they told us it should be. Therefore, when the old mental schemes expire and no longer serve, because we have to go through a transition in the evolutionary stages of life. 🧠Added to the uncertainty of life itself, an existential crisis arises.👣👣👣🌸

When this has been broken and we don’t know what the next step is, we begin to question the reasons for our existen e. When all that we thought cease controlled to be. Our vision needs updating. 🥀🌀To transform this situation, first, we must make an inventory of life, many times we are dreaming our parents’ dreams, or we live under the imposed standards or we perceive life as our environment told us we should see it.🌀🌡️

In the inventory you can begin to question: if I leave everything that does not belong to me, what is my purpose, my dream? What fills me with joy, what is my most important value? Brainstorm ⛈️Then think that every day is uncertain, and full of changes. We can’t control everything.⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️👥

Finally, consider that the existential crisis is not something bad but an opportunity for introspection and reinvent yourself.🤯💫

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