El Cerebro Humano

Behind all El Cerebro Humano behavior, thought or emotion there is a brain full of neural connections, learning and beliefs. Various investigations have indicated that our brain has mainly three structures that each operate with their own individual characteristics: the reptilian brain, the limbic system, and the neocortex. The researchers showed that the reptilian brain is the oldest structure, and controls instincts, focusing on behaviors critical to survival (hunger, sexual reproduction, sleep, survival instinct, and fight). On the other hand, the limbic system has a more emotional and physiological response, it is the part of our brain that detects and avoids unpleasant sensations and looks for pleasant ones, it is the part that gives the emotional nuance when processing information. These two parts of the brain work interconnected and have the characteristic of being fast, automatic and unconscious. Finally, the neocortex is considered the modern brain and performs cognitive functions such as reasoning, advanced thinking, intelligence The Human Brain.

Based on how the brain works, it is important to realize that the type of behavior that predominates in our day-to-day lives comes only from our reptilian brain and limbic system, that is, we are reactive, impulsive and we act in situations from the subconscious, in automatic. In a life full of haste, fear, stress, and ease, we have forgotten to use the neocortex on a daily basis, which allows us to stop, witness the experience, reflect, and act.

The neocortex needs a little more time to process the information, which is why it is essential to educate the brain and provide it with tools that allow it to modulate and manage the first impulses coming from the emotional instinctive system. Furthermore, the neocortex is the creative part of our brain, where we can dream, plan and execute. The good news is that we can train our brains to model emotional responses and thus get closer to the life we ​​want to lead. If we live in survival, in fear, in concern, we do not give the neocortex space to create, to expand. 

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