Miedo al Futuro

Human beings have the characteristic of thinking and planning in the medium and long term, unlike other species. Through this ability, we can easily hypothesize what might happen in different circumstances. This ability is what enables us to solve complex problems and guide our lives towards goals and objectives. However, there is another side of the coin, since we often tend to transform it into catastrophic thoughts, where our predictions about the future become harmful, loaded with emotional discomfort such as «fear of the future». Little by little, these thoughts are established in our minds, creating a vicious circle of negative assumptions.Fear of the future goes from being an evolutionary characteristic of adaptation, to being an obstacle and a trap for our well-being Miedo al Futuro.

I can affirm that the fear of the future has intensified and expanded in many people as a result of the pandemic, since it generated uncertainty in various areas of our lives: the economic crisis, isolation, constant changes in restrictions, among other factors that extended fear and anxiety, creating a negative view of the world and the future Miedo al Futuro.

The challenge is to learn to face and overcome the fear of the unknown. One of the best ways to do this is by accepting uncertainty, accepting that the future will always be unknown, life is uncertain. Also understand that fear exists, but we must evaluate our thoughts and realize that they are just «thoughts», biased interpretations, and not reality. Finally, it is important that, in moments of recurrent thoughts of fear and anguish, do not let them anchor in your mind, allow them to pass through you and let them go, do not delve into them.

 We live immersed in our minds, creating expectations and assumptions, but we must begin to put our feet on the ground, live in the here and now, your mind and body will thank you.

Alejandra Sanchez-Torres


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