Poner límites en tu vida

In various circumstances of our lives it is difficult for us to set limits and say this far, both in our interpersonal relationships and at work. There are many reasons why we hold back, either because we confuse it with selfishness, fear of rejection, fear of being alone, fear of feeling like bad people, fear of other people’s reaction, among others Poner límites en tu vida. However, setting clear limits and saying «NO» to harmful circumstances is essential to maintain good self-esteem Poner límites en tu vida.

Setting limits that make us feel fully is a skill that must be trained, at first, there will be discomfort, since our brain and our body become alert to change. However, by constantly repeating it we feel more comfortable with the ability to say «NO». Finally becoming a skill.

When we establish limits, we are modeling to other people how we expect to be treated, you recognize yourself as the most important thing in your life and thus communicate to the rest of the world, with clear rules of the game. Only then, we respect and honor each other unconditionally, the outside will do the same, because we are the ones who teach the world how to treat us.

Constantly wanting to please everyone and trying to get by with everything can create a lot of stress and frustration in life. Do you think if you better consider that «The best service we can give to others and to the world is to respect, honor and love ourselves unconditionally». Because if you have peace, that is what you will transmit to those around you and these emotions are contagious and magnetic due to their high frequency.

If you feel guilty when you start setting limits, you should know that it is normal since your body is not used to it. You do not have to give in to this feeling of guilt, for this you can tell yourself «I respect myself and honor my time.»

If there is fear when setting a limit, ask yourself, where does this fear come from? What do I gain by setting this limit? What gives me the most emotional peace? 

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