Psicología Social y Parentalidad Positiva

For many years there has been a perspective of psychological intervention with respect to Psicología Social y Parentalidad Positiva problems based on the «deficit», that is, reactive interventions that focus on the existing problems of the families, but not on prevention Social Psychology and Positive Parenting.

Generally, it intervenes in cases of families with major problems such as neglect, abuse, mistreatment, parental incapacity, among others. However, it is important to reflect on the importance of an approach based on promotion and prevention, in which there is awareness of the importance of acting proactively to promote family well-being.

It is a priority to strengthen protective factors, analyzing and understanding the need for support in different degrees that families may have Psicología Social y Parentalidad Positiva. The function of the family is very important in the social and personal context, being the same, the most relevant development environment for an individual, it is the fundamental structure of interaction and development of a person Social Psychology and Positive Parenting. 

As psychologists we can understand the importance of infants growing up and developing in a suitable and healthy environment, due to the high brain plasticity that human beings have in childhood and adolescence, understanding how important it is for the future development of the person Psicología Social y Parentalidad Positiva.

Most of the beliefs that guide our future behavior are born in childhood. Hence my interest in capturing the importance of «positive parenting», with adequate and evidence-based tools and information, for the optimal development of infants, families, and society. I believe that acting from prevention, that is, creating programs that promote and guide towards positive parenting, is a way to impact social problems. Prevention is as important as intervention and in my view more important Social Psychology and Positive Parenting.

Mental health programs in Ecuador, especially those based on social and community intervention, are very scarce. Therefore, the development and implementation of strategies and programs is urgent, starting from psychoeducation and from the base of society, which is the family.

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