Transitar el Duelo

Grief can be understood as the transition process after a loss. There are many types of grief, such as the feeling of absence or abandonment due to the breakdown of an interpersonal relationship, a change of country, job loss, or the death of a loved one Transitar el Duelo. It is a different process for each person and at each evolutionary stage. When a duel occurs we can experience a lot of anger, resentment, hopelessness, guilt and pain. Processing a loss is not easy. Remembering that person or circumstance and everything that will no longer hurt, looking to the future and no longer being able to visualize it is painful.

 And, it’s okay to feel all that, emotions are neither positive nor negative, but they provide us with information for self-knowledge and survival depending on the situation, therefore, avoiding or denying them can generate maladaptive responses. However, we cannot settle down to live in pain or anger, they are stages that must be gone through and close cycles in order to continue with life. We must recognize if we have become the emotion and if the duel has become the only possibility. Sometimes we stay in those feelings because there is a part of us that would like to continue in the same way and not experience any uncertainty in the face of the new.

Puedes pensar que siempre será igual el dolor, dejar de recordar cómo eras sin ese dolor. Por lo cual, en un proceso de duelo es importante la introspección en cada etapa para así poder reconocer y transitar las emociones que van surgiendo y poder recordarte a ti mismo como es vivir sin esa sensación de dolor o ira.

Si estás atravesando por un proceso de duelo tienes que saber que el dolor no tiene por qué ser tu hogar. No debes evitar que  las emociones  surjan en tí, sino más bien, siéntelas, intégralas y transítalas, así, con la “aceptación” de la pérdida llegará un estado de calma. 

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